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What is ville Target?

ville Target is a Marketing Automation web-based solution where you can design and apply your Inbound Marketing strategy.

Landing Pages

Step by Step

With ville Target you can perform several marketing tasks professionally and effectively. For example, you can create lists, landing pages, send emails to your subscribers and more.

1) Sign up on ville Target

It is very simple and quick to create your account on ville Target. It takes no more than 5 minutes.

2) Set up your email identity

Just enter what email address will be the sender of the messages.

3) Create Lists and Build Landing Pages

Using our drag-and-drop editor, you will be able to create beautiful web pages lightning fast!

4) Send Campaigns
and Create Automations

You can define triggers to start automations for each lead. You can also send email marketing campaigns to your lists.

5) Schedule posts on Social Media

With ville Target you will be able to apply your inbound marketing strategies and sprint out in front of the competition.

6) Close more Deals

Your potential customers are online, so you must conduct digital marketing actions to achieve better results

Marketing Automation.
Sign up for free!

Set it up and let the platform work for you. We know the importance of task automation and optimization. Marketing automation comes to help you with these repetitive actions!

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Landing Pages. Build the most beautiful layouts, effortlessly.

The ease and convenience of creating your own capture pages, institutional pages and more. Build them with a simple drag-and-drop feature. No programming or design skills required. Anyone can create with ville Target.

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Email Marketing. Send campaings and sell more!

Send targeted emails to your leads by using our service. Reach out more people and communicate with your audience. Schedule sequential emails for your subscribers lists and enhance the results of your marketing strategy.

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Schedule posts on Social Networks. Save your time.

Save time by scheduling posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at once.
Reach your audience when they are online.
Focus on your business's most important stuff.

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Lead Tracking. Lead Scoring.
Know your Leads.

This fantastic feature enables you to score your leads according to their actions. Thus, you can send to the sales team the most qualified leads. Create your account now and start using it.

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750+ App Integrations.
Boost your results.

We have partnered with the most powerful software integrator : Zapier, where you can integrate ville Target with various types of apps such as: CRMs, Task Managers, E-commerce Platforms, Management Solutions, Financials and more. The possibilities are endless.

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Customer Testimonials

Marketing is about reaching goals. Look what our customers are talking about us.

The perfect plan for you!

No matter if you are a freelancer or a marketing agency. Feel free to choose and change your mind later. No strings attached.

Partnership Program For Agencies and Freelancers

Our partnership program does not overlook neither Agencies nor Freelancers. We know about the importance of solid partnerships that offer advantages to both sides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is what people frequently ask about ville Target.

Is there any setup fee?

Absolutely not! You can start using ville Target right now and pay only for the monthly subscription (or pay nothing for the free plan).

Do I need to have a domain to use Landing Pages?

Yes. You will need a domain to configure our DNS registries. If you don't own a domain we can register one for you!

If I want to cancel my subscription, is there a cancellation fee?

No, there is not. We don't want you feel like you are stuck. You can cancel at any time, no resent.

Which market segment is ville Target designed for?

All of them. ville Target is designed for everyone who wants to create a professional and automated marketing strategy.

How do I learn to use the tools?

We are always working on video tutorials, blog posts and user interface improvements to help you learn all the tools as fast as possible. You will not be alone, even in the free plan. :)

Do I need to be a marketing superhero?

Of course not, however creating good texts and images will help. It's never too late to learn.

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