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What is ville Target?

ville Target is a Marketing Automation Software where you can create your own Inbound Marketing actions.

Landing Pages

Step by step

With ville Target, you can perform several marketing actions professionally and effectively. For example, you can create lists, landing pages and send emails to your subscribers and more.

1) Sign up on ville Target

It is very simple and quick to create your account on ville target. It does not take more than 5 minutes.

2) Create your Lists

Your lists will store your subscribers. You can create one list for each purpose, it is up to you!

3) Build Landing Pages

Using our drag-and-drop editor, you will be able to create beautiful web pages super fast!

4) Send Campaigns and Automations

You can create triggers to start automations for each lead. You can also send campaigns to your lists.

5) Schedule posts on Social Networks

With ville Target you will be able to apply your inbound marketing strategies and get out in front of the competition.

6) Close more Business

Your potential customers are online, you must conduct digital marketing actions for best results.

Free marketing automation with a bunch of features.

ville Target makes marketing automation tools accessible for personal or business use. Even with the free plan you will have access to everything.

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Check out the features

With ville Target you have a lot of tools that will help you push your business into another level. Use all our resources to boost your lead generation.

Automations and Email Campaigns

Let ville Target work for you. Schedule campaigns and posts on social networks.

Lead Generation

With target ville you can create custom fields for your leads.

Landing Pages and Lists

Quickly create landing pages with the drag-and-drop feature.

Schedule posts on Social Networks

Use ville Target to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Start your automation strategy now!

  • I think everyone can ville Target. It's very intuitive! Great customer support and free content.

    . . .
    Tiago Maioli - Voice Over
  • I would like to thank everyone from ville Target for helping with our scheduled posts on social networks.

    . . .
    Conecta UDF
  • ville Target allows me to optimize my customer engagement instantaneously with marketing automation.

    . . .
    Lucas Fontoura - Realtor

Special plans made for you!

Whether you will start now in marketing automation or already have experience. If you have few or many leads: we have a plan that will fit your needs.

Still not decided?

If you have any questions about our plans or features, please contact us!

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Frequently asked questions

This is what people frequently ask about ville Target.

Is there any setup fee?

Absolutely not! You can start using ville Target right now and pay only for the monthly subscription (or nothing for the free plan).

Do I need to have a domain to use Landing Pages?

Yes. You will need a domain configure our DNS registries. If you don't have a domain we can register one for you!

If I want to cancel my subscription, is there a cancellation fee?

No, there is not. We don't want you feel like you are stuck. You can cancel at any time, no resent.

Which market segment ville Target is designed for?

Everyone. ville Target is designed to everyone that wants to create a professional and automated marketing strategy.

How do I learn to use the tools?

We are always working on video tutorials, blog posts and user interface to help you learn all the tools as fast as possible. You will not be alone, even in the free plan. :)

Do I need to be a marketing superhero?

Of course not, however creating good texts and images will help. Studying is never bad.

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